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I’ve been industrious in the shack, making my self some antennas. First up was a 13cm and later I made a 23cm. The Copper sheets I got from the local tinman, and he cut them to my needs, the piping I found in my clutter box.

The soldering bit was a bit hard, its not easy to solder thick piping and sheet together whit only a soldering station… so I was on the town to by myself a soldering torch but in the small town of Lyngdal there was only Sivert torches and im not paying close to
2000 Kr (ca180 euro) for a small antenna project like this. Back home my brain started planning to use my wife’s kitchen stove, but she conversed me it was a bad idea :D So I used 2 small soldering irons and a hot air gun then I got the copper hot enough so the soldering would flow.

I don’t have tx/rx on 13cm yet but on 23cm I now have 2W inn to the antenna, I use my trustee TS-2000 and a MMT1296 transverter, it feed the radio whit 144mhz. the MMT1296 box is a nifty thing, ok size to mount in the antenna pos. so I get minimal loss in the feed lines. 10 to 15w from TS-2000 via 15db attenuator gets it just right.

There is also a preamp in the MMT1296 to boost the signal down to the radio.

Here is som pictures from the 23cm antenna :

Center connection.
Center support pipe.

The plans I followed you can find here:
http://members.chello.nl/b.modderman/quad.html PE1RKI also have some nifty power amplifiers, and he makes feed horns.

73 for now

13cm and 23cm antenna

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